Could we be the right partner for you?

At Raitex, we place great emphasis on building lasting relationships – indeed, our first sourcing customer is still doing business with us almost 20 years later. We’d be only too happy to take a look at whether outsourcing might be an attractive solution for you. Very often, outsourcing proves to be a good solution if you are trying to improve profitability in your production process – not least because of the large difference in wage levels and increased competition.

If you feel that outsourcing may be a viable option for you, we would be pleased to set up an informal, no obligation meeting. This would allow us to discuss the various outsourcing opportunities that are available that might be of relevance to you. You are also welcome to visit our factory in Ukraine – and naturally we’ll make sure an interpreter is on hand, so that we can understand each other!

What kind of a company are you?

If you are not sure whether we can help your company move forward, why not get in touch with us – and we’ll take it from there. Together, we can discuss the challenges your production presents and examine how we can best help you meet those challenges. The kinds of companies we normally work with are:

  • Manufacturers of (small) items, that, for example, need to be packed, assembled, or similar.
  • Mattress manufacturers who sell mattresses and currently find that producing covers is too expensive or too difficult.
  • Companies requiring a large amount of labour-intensive work done, and who do not wish to start up their own production facility abroad.
  • Companies who need custom-fabrication, assembly, packing, high frequency welding and quality assurance.
  • Textile and furniture manufacturers.

And remember! We would love to hear from you even if your type of production is not included on the above list. We are always looking for new challenges and have an extensive network of like-minded manufacturers in Ukraine.

For further information on possible cooperation, please contact Kristian Leo Pedersen at: