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About Raitex


Raitex was established in its present form in 1968 by the industrialist, Helge Leo Pedersen, but the company actually dates back to 1880 when the manufacturer’s wife, Birgitte Pedersen’s great-great-grandfather founded the company, producing clothing in oilskins for fishermen.

For many years, Helge Leo Pedersen worked with the production of tarpaulins, aprons for the food industry and so on. But in 1994, everything changed abruptly when he was faced with a new challenge: Could pillow and mattress covers in polyurethane be produced using a combination of sewing and high frequency welding? The enquiry came from Dan Foam ApS (www.tempur.dk) and, for Raitex, this turned out to be the starting point for developing a completely new product line.

“At first, we began by sewing covers for Dan Foam ApS (www.tempur.dk, ed.), but before long, production in Denmark could no longer keep up with demand,” explains Helge Leo Pedersen. “So it wasn’t long before we began looking for someone who could take over this task. Initially, a substitute was found in Poland – due to the low labour operating costs – until we set up our own subsidiary in western Ukraine in 2000. Here, today – in addition to the sewing – we have also taken on tasks such as furniture production, assembly, packaging and quality control. We share our know-how with other companies who are currently in the position we were in 20 years ago.”