Furniture Production

We have over 10 years of experience in furniture manufacturing at our factories in Ukraine, where it is much easier to achieve the right balance between production volume and labour costs than in Denmark. We do everything from assembling and fitting to leather processing, upholstering and the subsequent finishing processes. For further information, please contact Søren Meiner at

Custom made production

At Raitex, we make a point of staying at the forefront of development. In fact, we have over 25 years of experience within custom-made home furnishing textiles. That’s why today, our production lines are on par with the best European manufacturers. For further information, please contact Kristian Leo Pedersen at

Assembly and packing

Many companies find that assembly and packing are very costly, as even short series often require a relatively high number of man-hours. At our factories in Ukraine, we have plenty of experience of assembling and packing, as this is where it is relatively easy to achieve the right balance between production volume and labour costs. Furthermore, we have put everything into a system, so that we can handle virtually any type of assembly and packing order – packed and delivered according to the customer’s item list and quality requirements. We are currently handling jobs that include:

  • Assembling and fitting valves and fixtures etc. – supplied packaged ready-for-sale
  • Packing components in bags, checking each by weight afterwards
  • Assembling and fitting furniture with subsequent finishing, e.g. where the components are produced in Denmark

For further information, please contact Søren Meiner at

High frequency welding

We have more than 40 years’ experience in high frequency welding, which is an advanced type of welding of two or more layers of material. With high frequency welding, you create a seam that is just as strong as the material itself, and these seams are also waterproof. Today, we use high frequency welding in the production of a wide range of products encompassing everything from tarpaulins in PVC and fixation cushions, to pillows and mattresses made of polyurethane. We are one of the market leaders in this field, and with our high frequency welding equipment in both Denmark and Ukraine, can handle any type of welding task – both in terms of quantity and quality. For further information, please contact Kristian Leo Pedersen at


Naturally, an important building block in the Raitex “safe outsourcing” concept is that we retain full control of logistics. Raitex thus happily accepts full responsibility for “door-to-door” delivery, in which in addition to the manufacturing process, we also handle the freight and customs formalities in Denmark as well as in Ukraine.

The reason why we can offer all-in-one logistics solutions is that:

  • We have all the correct permits from the Danish customs authorities for outward processing in Ukraine.
  • Our drivers handle our import/export services in Denmark and Ukraine, which in practice means that goods that are dispatched from Denmark on a Friday, arrive in Ukraine on a Tuesday, while the return consignment from Ukraine can be in Denmark again on the following Friday.
  • We have a good relationship with hauliers in Denmark, Poland and Ukraine.
  • We have our own staff to issue customs documents in Denmark.
  • We have dedicated staff to handle the many shipping papers and customs documents in Ukraine.
  • We have our own customs broker at the local customs office in Ukraine, who is certified to complete customs formalities in Ukraine.

For further information, please contact Søren Meiner at

Quality assurance

At Raitex, we place great emphasis on making sure that our sourcing is reliable, which naturally means that the quality of the work performed is extremely important. Hence, at our factories in Ukraine, we work with a well-developed quality assurance system whose procedures are designed to comply with the ISO 9000 principles.

The procedures include, among others, the following work flows:

  • Quality requirements: The customer submits samples, drawings, photos or similar, which will form the basis for determining the quality requirements.
  • Quality test: We forward samples of the product that you would like to have manufactured in Ukraine.
  • Quality assurance: Once the customer has approved the test product, manufacturing can begin. We have our own team of inspectors who ensure that the quality requirements are complied with both internally and externally.
  • Checks: The number of checks is determined in consultation with the customer. We can offer any option from spot checks to full inspection. Should any errors or problems occur, these will be rectified locally, before the product reaches the customer. That’s “safe sourcing”!

For further information, please contact Søren Meiner at