Why Ukraine?

Our outsourcing experience during the past 30 years has taught us that Ukraine is the country that offers the most flexible workforce. First of all, there are the obvious geographical and logistical advantages Ukraine possesses, as the distance from Europe is only a third of that of the markets in the Far East. Thus, a lorry from western Ukraine can reach Denmark in just a couple of days.

Ukraine also offers some advantages in terms of demographics, as the country’s culture and lifestyle is also more similar to those of Europe. This makes it easier and more reliable to outsource manufacturing to Ukraine, which also possesses a large and well-trained workforce, which can offer you greater flexibility for even small manufacturing jobs. Usually a company who stocks/mass-produces goods will look to the Far East for services, while a company who produces on order will benefit most from outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

The benefits to you of outsourcing to Raitex’ factories in Ukraine are:

  • The distance from Denmark is relatively short
  • Fast delivery times
  • Low labour costs
  • Low-cost manufacturing facilities
  • Flexible workforce
  • Well-trained workforce
  • High-quality raw materials (wood and iron)

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