Why outsourching?

Outsourcing can save your business money on labour-intensive production processes – and thus help increase your competitive edge. The advantages of outsourcing for your company could include that:

  • You will achieve a lower price per item, as labour costs will be significantly lower in manufacturing countries outside of Denmark – thus increasing your competitiveness.
  • You will gain easy access to a qualified labour force for repetitive processes or processes that require skilled employees.
  • The quality of your goods will improve through the use of a specialised subcontractor.
  • You can increase your capacity.
  • You will enjoy greater flexibility in your production.
  • You will tie up less of your capital.
  • You will reduce your training costs, the cost of setting up a production line, etc.
  • You will free up resources to focus on your core competencies.
  • Raitex has worked with outsourcing in Poland and Ukraine for almost 30 years – from its own factories since 2000 – and, therefore, has the know-how and experience needed to successfully handle any manufacturing and delivery requirements you may have. Furthermore, we take full responsibility for the entire process from A to Z with regards to logistics and quality assurance.

For further information on the advantages of using Raitex as your subcontractor for outsourcing your manufacturing in Ukraine: Please contact Søren Meiner at smj@raitex.dk