Inexpensive manufacturing must be reliable!

We are an old family business that offers production at good prices and high quality at our factories in Denmark and the Ukraine. We have approximately 250 employees and our clients include Danish and German companies with labour-intensive production within, for instance, the textiles and furniture industry. We take care of everything in the production and logistics process, so we can provide you with a “door-to-door” solution. Read more


Why outsourcing?

Because it may be the easiest way to improve the competitive power of your com... Read more

Why the Ukraine?

Because Ukraine - contrary to the Far East - is "just around the corner" and the.... Read more

Why Raitex?

Because Raitex has a long experience in sourcing and this means that you... Read more


You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about outsourcing or other subjects. Read more

Customer statements

"Flexibility: Changing demand due to market conditions, or end user change is quickly and accurately handled."
Barrington Healthcare International Ltd.